How to use Facebook for marketing?

How to use Facebook for marketing

Online marketing is the future to grow business exponentially. Among all the marketing which is done online, Facebook is still the beast. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned player, just use these tips and strategies on how to use Facebook for marketing. If you do it the right way, you will be overwhelmed by the traffic.

Content is where the magic happens

Facebook is just another platform. There are tons of content posted every day. Not all of them qualify as quality content. There may be a lot of advertising by a business, but if their content is not up to the mark, millions of dollars spent on advertising won’t help. Your focus should be on creating valuable or entertaining content based on your niche and you will see the magic.

Remember that 90% of your time should be spent on creating content and the rest for posting.

How can you learn Facebook marketing?

There are many tutorials for Facebook marketing. You can go to YouTube and Udemy to find a dedicated course for the same. But always remember to implement while learning. Just don’t get swayed by the plethora of content.

What are some useful Facebook marketing tools?

Facebook marketing tools


It allows scheduling your social content. You can schedule a content many months in advance. The audience keeps growing. So, it is a healthy practice to share the same content five to six times a year. It will increase your traffic 2x.


It is a chatbot tool leveraging Facebook Messenger. When people come to your website, they can subscribe through Facebook Messenger. When you post a blog, you can push it through ManyChat. The open rates using this tool is above 60% and click-through rate is always over 30%.


It will show all the articles within your space as popular and not-so-popular. Just look at the articles that are popular, write more of that on your blog and start promoting them. You will know how to promote your content via Facebook ads in the next part.

Hence, with this tool, you will get more traffic because you are writing stuff that people want to read about.

Marketing through Facebook ads

Marketing through Facebook ads

Facebook ads continue to be one of the smartest ways any business can spend its limited marketing budget.  But with costs still rising, it’s more important than ever to play it smart. Check out these cool features of Facebook ads which will help your business.

Using dynamic creative ads-

It allows you to create multiple variations of headlines, images and description text. Facebook then finds the most effective combination that they can start putting out above all the others. Facebook ad reporting will show all the results of how these ads are performing. Because of this, you can increase your performance, save time and maximize your efforts.

Caution: Each variation will need a minimum of 500 impressions for Facebook to show the performance. So, if your budget is on the lower side, use one element at a time. Like different headlines and the same image on each.

Using Facebook ads library to spy on competitors

Recently Facebook has added a Page Transparency section. This will let you know what ads certain pages are running. This will help you identify your competitors’ best-performing headlines and images. This will let you in their marketing funnel where you will see their targeting and re-targeting offers and the offers which they show later inside their funnel.

It could be some of the best advertising opportunities for your business. You can use this strategy to build your own marketing funnel and set up a re-targeting campaign on Facebook.

Caution: Never copy your competitors’ ads. Just use these to get ideas and create unique content of your own.

Sponsored message re-marketing ads

This involves targeting customers who have already viewed something on your site or shown interest in your products but didn’t convert. The sponsored message remarketing ads allow you to restart conversations with those who previously have messaged before or visited your website.

Sponsored messages can include updates, reminders, promotions, deals and special offers. It is chargeable per impression, only once per customer.

Marketing via Facebook page

Marketing via Facebook page

You cannot run a Facebook ad without having a Facebook page. Use the following strategies to make an awesome Facebook page and leverage it for your business.

Use the power of images-

Images can be displayed on all your post, Facebook search results and whenever someone shares your posts on their timeline. Choosing the right photo is a great way to create a good first impression. Add a recognizable high-quality profile picture and cover photo because they reflect your brand.

Set up a custom (or vanity) URL-

By default, your Facebook page looks like this – You should change it to It makes your page user friendly and helps in SEO.

Step up your Facebook activity-

An active presence on Facebook is a sign of a healthy business to the people who are searching for you. When you post frequently, it gives potential customers the confidence that your business is up and running, and the ability to connect to you.

Promote exclusive deals-

It’s not enough to offer deals on your Facebook page, you have to tell people about it. This is an effective way to get likes & shares and have an engaging audience.

Post videos and create video playlist-

According to a study, videos account for 80% of all internet traffic. So, engaging through videos is the need of the hour. By creating a playlist, you can drive your audience to a specific post with a description of the playlist.

Marketing through Facebook groups

Marketing through Facebook groups

With millions of Facebook groups available, it has now become a very useful tool to build a large, engaging audience and to market your business effectively.

There are three types of Facebook groups:

Closed group-

Anyone can see the group and request to join. They can still appear on your Facebook wall, but only can be seen by other members of that same group, not your friends.

Secret group-

It doesn’t appear in the search results.

Public group-

Anyone can see the group, its members and the posts published.

For a business, it is strongly recommended to have a closed group because of the following reasons:

  • You can build a community of like-minded people.
  • There is no limit on how many people it can have.
  • Can run polls. Running polls is a brilliant way to collect market insights and better serve the audience.
  • It creates a free member’s area for your customers.

You should review the Facebook group daily and post regularly to keep your audience engaged and leverage marketing.

How effective is marketing on Facebook for small businesses?

marketing on Facebook for small businesses

Facebook is a go-to platform for small businesses due to the variety of features it offers. Below are some techniques which will help them reach a wider audience.

Create events-

Events are the best opportunity for small businesses to grow. It can reach many new potential customers.

Live videos-

They get way more engagement and activity than prerecorded videos. Start with 5-10 minutes and escalate the duration.

Take part in groups-

Facebook loves groups. They also help your business get seen in Facebook notifications. When you take part in groups, remember to provide value, don’t just spam with your products or services.

One thing I recommend to immediately separate yourself from everyone else in a group is to post video questions or answers. Remember, you’re not just spamming this group but also providing value. A video will make you much more memorable in the group.

This shows that Facebook can really help small businesses when marketing is done in the right way.

Marketing on Facebook v/s Instagram:

Marketing on Facebook vs Instagram

Let’s see the tools provided by both these platforms:

  • Facebook personal profile II Instagram personal account
  • Facebook business pages II Instagram business account
  • Facebook groups II Nothing similar
  • Facebook events II Nothing similar
  • Facebook stories II Instagram stories
  • Facebook messenger II Instagram DM
  • Facebook live II Instagram live
  • Facebook shop II Instagram shop
  • Facebook ads II Instagram ads
  • Facebook watch party II IGTV
  • Facebook insights II Instagram insights

Both platforms have offered almost the same tools. But, there is no competitor of Facebook groups and events on Instagram. Also, as Instagram is now owned by Facebook, Instagram ads can be set up on Facebook ad manager itself. The reach on Facebook is much higher than that of Instagram through ads. 

Although it depends on the business upon the platform they want to leverage for their marketing, we can give a slight advantage to Facebook for sure.

Can affiliate marketing be done on Facebook?

Yes, affiliate marketing is booming on Facebook. Here are some steps which will help you do it-

  • Branding your niche
  • Livestream jumpstart
  • Share it with other similar groups
  • Content to reach more people by using hashtags, exploring competitors, etc
  • Start your own group.

Note: The above points on affiliate marketing will be discussed in the next article. Stay tuned.


Marketing on Facebook can scale up your business to another level. You just need to follow the correct strategies according to your niche.

The results will take time so be patient and keep grinding. Only those businesses succeed which keeps moving forward despite any difficulty.

Let me know in the comments about your business and how Facebook helped you in getting more traffic.

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