10 Tips on How to Use YouTube for Marketing Your Business

how to use youtube for business

YouTube is an amazing tool for marketing. It is not like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social platform. In fact, YouTube is not really a social platform at all. It is more of a content platform. Unlike those social platforms, the lifetime content you can create isn’t measured in days, hours, or even minutes. If you do it right and do the work upfront, with every new video you can build a library of content on YouTube that shows up in Google, it ranks on YouTube and it gets found for years after you have uploaded it. In this article, you will know how to leverage YouTube to market your business.

Tip 1: Focus on your audience

how to use youtube for business

Step number one is to focus on your target audience or your customers. Find out what are they searching for. There needs to be search volume for the content you are creating so you don’t go producing content that you think your audience needs. Do your research and create content that you know your audience wants.

Tip 2: Research keywords


Research your keywords and find out the exact language that your audience is using. This will give you a huge insight into the mindset of your audience, what stage they are at, and what they are struggling with. And it also shows you exactly what to optimize your videos for. This is an important step to start a successful YouTube channel for your business because half your job is done if you know the exact keywords your audience is searching for.

Tip 3: Tell your customers a story


Start telling your customers a story with your business as a guide. Instead of telling stories about your business, start telling your customers’ stories. Tell them how your business can act as their men getting them from point A to point B. A quick 60 seconds video about the problems your audience is facing and how you can fix them will do the job.

Tip 4: Focus on people over the business

In today’s world, people really value authenticity in all forms and they would rather see your business for the people that make it up. Just get a little more real. Of course, the level to which you can do this will depend upon the industry you are in. Using simple words and talking to the camera as if you are talking to a friend would do wonders. In this way, you can show authority while making your video relatable at the same time. If you do that, you will connect more with your potential customers and they will like you more.

Tip 5: Start creating awesome YouTube videos for your business

Create YouTube Videos for Business

Based on your niche, you have discovered your audience and the keywords. But, the question is how are you going to make that first video for your business. Don’t worry if you do not understand how to edit videos. Use YouTube as much as you can to clear your doubts. Start watching them, get comfortable with any of that software, and start making a video. There are tons of free editing tools to help your cause. It will not be the best video that you will make but the stepping stone to reach the best. I have listed a few tools for your reference.


  • Quik by GoPro
  • Kinemaster
  • Cyberlink Powerdirector
  • Inshot

Software for PC:

  • Final Cut Pro (Mac)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Windows)

Based on the list of keywords, you can also make a list of suggestions that will act as a goldmine. But, all these suggestions result from videos already uploaded on YouTube. So, how will you mark your presence in that niche? The next point explains that.

Tip 6: Translate videos to leads

In our example, we saw easy cooking recipes. You will also make one. But, instead of making just a recipe video, you will add some bonus for your viewers (potential customers). For example, you can send a free recipe book of 10 dishes for those who sign up at the end of your video. You can also ask them to be in your special members’ area at a nominal fee wherein you will share exclusive recipes only for the members. This will gradually help you in building your community on YouTube. The only issue is people hesitate to sign up on a brand new YouTube channel or be a member because of fewer subscribers and views. Let’s see how to fix this.

Tip 7: How to promote your YouTube video when you have ZERO subscribers

ZERO subscribers

You made a website for your new business. To grow your business, you came on YouTube. But, the problem is if you don’t have a social following, you’re probably not going to have any subscribers. If you have no subscribers, who will watch your videos? Follow these steps and you will end up gaining subscribers and more views

Step 1- Promote your videos outside of YouTube

Approach all the bloggers who write articles similar to the concept you are teaching in your YouTube videos and ask them to embed that video within their blog post (in return of backlinks). It sends more positive signals to YouTube, and your rankings perform better.

Step 2- Translate and transcribe your videos to other languages 

YouTube is very competitive, especially in the English language but outside of the English language, it’s easy to get the views. Just make sure you translate and transcribe your videos into different languages. Upload subtitles in those languages and your video is ready to get more views.

Tip 8: Use YouTube ads


Most businesses are still late to the party advertising on YouTube probably mostly because they fear to make videos, particularly small businesses. But the truth is YouTube ads are one of the best ways to put your brand and your offer in front of the exact right people at the exact right time. They have some best targeting options around because you can put yourself in front of people who are actively looking for the services you provide by in-market audiences.

(You can also try creating a Facebook page for your business and run video ads on Facebook and Instagram. Go through this article and you will get an idea on using Facebook for marketing)

Tip 9: Use YouTube videos in email marketing

Even with all the social media platforms out there, email is still the best way to develop a relationship over time with potential customers. Give them helpful advice and content by embedding your YouTube video link in the email. This will make sure your customers get the most out of the email in less than 60 seconds. This will boost your watch time on your YouTube channel.

Tip 10: Use affiliate marketing on YouTube

Use affiliate marketing on YouTube

I am sure you would have searched “how to make money on YouTube”. Affiliate marketing is one of the answer to your question. In the simplest of terms, affiliate marketing is where you make money when you successfully refer someone to a paid product or service. You can make more money than just ads and turn your YouTube channel into your business by affiliate marketing. Follow these steps:

Step 1- Sign up as an affiliate of the company, the products of which you want to promote.

Step 2- Include affiliate links of the products under the description of relevant videos and tell the audience that those links may be an affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing will take time. The more you talk about your affiliate products and provide links for the same, the faster the results will be. Always remember to promote the products you use. Your audience trusts you and to make that bond even stronger, do not promote products just for the sake of making money. You will end up losing more money than you would make through affiliate marketing.

This works best if you are an influence which implies you have a trustworthy audience. Hence, they are more likely to purchase products from your affiliate link. The big brands, therefore, approach social media influencers active on YouTube to market their products and services.

Do you want to manage YouTube account or start a marketing agency for YouTubers as a career?

I would suggest not restricting yourself only to YouTube but foray into social media including YouTube. The reason being all the YouTube channels want their presence on all social media channels. This will increase their audience base, and thus, YouTube subscribers and watch time. To know how to become a social media manager, read this article.

Summary: Benefits of YouTube for marketing

  • Trustworthy and a massive audience.
  • It will help people find you on Google.
  • Higher conversion rates.
  • Your content never dies.
  • Your audience will promote you and drive traffic.
  • Money through affiliates and Adsense.

Let me know in the comments on how YouTube has helped you in scaling up your business.

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